When selling or buying a home, you will need the help of Martin & Co real estate agent. Though the agents from the company are efficient, you may need to follow simple protocols to create a good relationship with them.

First, you need to understand how agents work. While most of them work on commission, some work on salaries. Choose an agent who works on commission to avoid problems. Such agents only get the commission when they close the transaction. It keeps them motivated to deliver good services since they know that their pay only comes when the deal goes through. Never request an agent to work for you without pay, and you should not cut them in the middle of a deal.

Ensure that you are respectful when working with a real estate agent and remain courteous. Real estate agents sometimes have more than one client, and you need to come up with a good schedule to avoid inconveniencing their work. When you make an appointment with your agent, do not forget to meet them. Always inform them beforehand if you may not make it in time to avoid wasting time.

Pick the right agent to work with. If you are selling the property, you need a listing agent while the buyer requires a buyer’s agent. Interview agents before selecting one and inform them that they are still in the interview stage. Avoid choosing two agents from one company. Do not ask the agent to show you properties if you don’t intend to work with them. A listing agent should also not handle the work of a buyer’s agent, therefore, get the right person to represent you.

If you intend to attend an open house, you may need to be in the company of your agent. Avoid raising questions to the host of the event if you have a representing agent. They should be the one to raise the questions. Give them your business cards so that they can pass them down to the host of the open house.

Sign the buyer’s broker contract. The agreement establishes a relationship between you and the agent. It also outlines the responsibilities of the agent and can reduce conflicts since each party understands their responsibilities. The agent should also be willing to release you from the agreement if you are not satisfied with their services. They should provide you with the agency disclosure which you should go through before signing.

Let them know of your expectations and needs when buying or selling the house. The agent should respect your goals and do their best to fulfil them. Come up with realistic goals and set a time frame to achieve them. Agree on the mode and frequency of communication to avoid conflicts.

As you hire an agent, you should have already decided to buy or sell your home. If you are still shopping around and not intending to buy, do not hire an agent. Ensure that you get pre-approval for a loan from a lender to convince the seller that you are a potential buyer.